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We help you to feel cozy in the area - on our premises we organize events that will be remembered!

"Together is the a place where the best ideas are born"

Roomz bar

Common living room in the heart of Hamina

Whether you are looking for a short break after work or a relaxing evening out, THE Bar is the place to be! At the bar, built in the former police station in Hamina, you can enjoy drinks, billiards, sports and games - or just sit down with friends.

THE Bar wants to offer a relaxed atmosphere, authentic encounters and joy and laughter in people’s lives. At THE Bar, we organize events regardless of the seasons and we also accept the wishes of our customers. If you need space for birthdays, for example, THE BAR can also be rented for private use. With the help of our partners, we also organize events in other places and facilities for THE Roomz customers.


We warmly welcome you to THE Bar: stop by afterwork or enjoy yourself longer - Welcome!

casual living room

Stop by after afterwork to meet friends and meet new people.

Opening hours

TI-TO Klo. 16-22
PE-LA Klo.16-01

events throughout the year

We organize billiards competitions, show sports broadcasts and live music for our customers.

Attend our events and be part of our community!

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