Versatile Accommodation and Office Spaces in Hamina and Kotka

THE Roomz
Accommodation for all needs

THE Roomz provides a cozy stay for your company's employees in Kotka and Hamina.

Choose from our diverse living solutions to find the perfect fit for your needs.

From short-term stays to longer residencies, we want you to feel at home even when you're away!

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Our services adapt to your needs, both in terms of accommodation duration and the number of occupants. 

We offer cost-effective solutions for large groups, even on short notice.

Functional Workspaces

In addition to comfortable accommodation options, we also provide various office and meeting spaces for businesses in a central location in Hamina.

If you appreciate affordable prices, a central location, and straightforward customer service – get in touch with THE Roomz!

Why choose THE Roomz?


• We offer flexible and transparent accommodation services for businesses.

• In addition to accommodation, we provide office and meeting spaces.

• Our spaces can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to various needs, catering to the customer's preferences.


We own our spaces, keeping costs in check and ensuring affordable rents without additional fees.


We use recycled materials in our buildings and prioritize renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint.

All-in-one service package

• We provide localization services for international guests.

• Through our networks, access banking and insurance experts, as well as organizers of events and leisure activities.


• Personalized service and a dedicated contact ensure a smooth living experience.

• Our focus is on resident satisfaction, not just customer satisfaction.


• THE Roomz solutions foster a sense of community.

• Connect with others in coworking spaces, the kitchen, THE Bar, or our events – together, we are more.

Representing a Company that mostly works abroad with a large workforce, accommodation is an important part of the business, when we in 2019- 2020 were engaged on a project in southern Finland, we used The Roomz as our accommodation provider, having smooth, zero problems and professional accommodation means everything when having 200 men living far away from home. The Finnish hospitality is extraordinary and we always felt very welcome at The Roomz. They provide not only long-term accommodation, but also hotel rooms for a short business stay, a very good bar, lounges, offices, and conference rooms are also available. I can do nothing but give The Roomz my warmest and best recommendations.

Morten Merstrand
Project Manager for Scandinavia Scan Facility Service Aps.

THE Roomz

The prefix THE comes from the words Truly Hospitable Experience - and it embodies our world of values: Whether you need space for overnight stays, work, events or a home, we offer you a comfortable space and friendly service. 

Customer comes first so we aim to provide people-oriented and flexible service to feel good. Unique and friendly experiences are things we are known about.


INTERESTED? Contact us, lets have chat and see what can create together!

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