THE – Truly Hospitable Experience

Welcome to explore THE service concept and its development in collaboration with our partners! In our blog, we want to shed light on the background of our operations, introduce ourselves, explain what we do, with whom, and, most importantly, why we exist.

The genesis of THE concept dates back a few years when we had the opportunity to acquire the former police and courthouse building in Hamina. The excitement ignited immediately, marking the beginning of transforming this historically significant structure into a hotel. However, we didn't want just an ordinary hotel; we aimed to provide a unique experience, encapsulated in the name THE Hotel. The name conceals the core of our operation and values: Truly Hospitable Experience. We ourselves love traveling and authentic people and experiences, which is why we want to offer the same to our residents. That's why we added the prefix THE, emphasizing values.

From the outset, it was clear that we didn't want to focus solely on short-term hotel accommodation, typical during peak seasons in our region. We decided to specialize in the needs of long-term residents and created THE Roomz concept, leading to the acquisition of several properties in the Hamina and Kotka regions to serve the needs of long-term accommodation. Our region hosts Finland's largest general port, where significant projects have been implemented in recent years, with more in the pipeline. For project residents, we aim to provide comprehensive service, ensuring they feel welcome in Kymenlaakso and can find the services they need through us and other local providers. Having received much goodness from helpful people in our travels, we want to profile ourselves similarly—approachable and creators of community.

For long-term accommodation, we have over 200 private rooms available, and because the properties are in our ownership, we can offer competitive accommodation prices. At its best, our accommodation capacity has been fully booked for several months, teaching us the process of accommodating long-term residents, mainly from abroad, who also need assistance and advice for their leisure time.

Even though we specialize in long-term residents, our company hasn't forgotten short-term guests, especially during the summer months: they are served by THE Hotel, which is also evolving and renewing. Within THE Hotel, our guests are served by the excellent Mon Ami restaurant, with a long tradition in Hamina. And there's more news for this block: if everything goes as planned, next summer, there might be an opportunity to enjoy refreshments in the former jail cells.

During the lulls in project accommodation, we have also developed other communal services in our properties. The latest addition is THE Office concept, offering office spaces for companies and remote workers in the heart of Hamina. Remote work opportunities have increased, but people's need to belong and be social has not disappeared. Could a new type of co-working space in Hamina solve this challenge? Our service could also be described as an office hotel, as THE Hotel services are in the same block. This concept has been steadily expanding, but there is still room for new companies!

All these services are interconnected under THE Roomz operation: we have spaces for every need. But what is our meaning and core—why do we exist? The answer is community. Collective action. Authenticity. We want to enable visitors to have a truly customer-centric experience.

If you want to learn more about us, feel free to get in touch—you are warmly welcome to explore our spaces!

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THE Roomz Group Oy

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